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18 Jun 2008

White Rapper and Witch

Couple of images for U16’s CTT activity again. The first is based on Shakes’ sketch and the second one is my character for the next in line.

MC Omnomnom of former Pubic Enemy fame Witch

Alright, I’ll be off for a few days eating sausage and drinking beer. I’ll be back next week. Hyvää juhannusta!

16 Jun 2008

Couple of Characters

Just a couple of character designs for U16’s Monster Mash activity. Go play with the Mashmaster and create a few surreal combinations.

Who run Bartertown?!
Dancing makes the Lord Cry

I’ve had some syndication feed trouble since I updated to WordPress 2.5.1. Sorry about that, I hope it works now.

7 Jun 2008

Punk Girls with Guns

My quick take on Scott’s character, with a girlfriend. Check the link, there are others’ versions too.

I got me some new markers and a decent brush pen. This sketch was inked and shaded (in grayscale) with them and then colored in Photoshop.

Punk Girls with Guns