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21 May 2008

Shopping Mall Family

This illustration was done for marketing materials for a recently opened shopping mall. The assignment was basically to visually design and show the different members of the consumer family and their pet moose who are regulars at the mall. Each character’s design had to elicit a specific personality and interests.

Family at the Shopping Mall
14 May 2008

Squirrel Meat and Moonshine

Nothing beats roasted squirrel and moonshine. No sir. These are for U16’s CTT activity. The first one is based on Adam Duncan’s sketch. And the second is just a quick color sketch for the next in line. It depicts a girl with a big butt.

Squirrel Meat and Moonshine Fat Ass Girl
11 May 2008

Reflected Light on a Girl

Well, here’s another one of these girlie speedpaints – fairly loose one this time around. I liked the lighting and all the reflected light in the reference image.

Reflected light on a Girl
7 May 2008

Spaceman Mini Designs

Spaceman Mini Header

Here’s a few designs for U16’s “The Many Faces of Spaceman Mini” activity. Winner of the acitivity gets a Spaceman Mini of his or her own, so take part. I suspect it’s going to be a bloody battle though…

The first one is based on my old spaceman design from a previous post.

Spaceman Mini Spaceman

And these two are just a little kinky. I don’t think they’ll be going into mass production. I might do a couple more, maybe.

Spaceman Mini Pervs

The original Spaceman Mini basic design is copyright Scott Vanden Bosch.