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31 Mar 2008

Mountain Man

Well, here’s another one for U16’s Western Activity. It’s a saloon scene with a mountain man reuniting with the civilization after months of beaver hunting. So naturally the first thing in the agenda is some whiskey and, um, beaver hunting of another sort.

Mountain man's beaver hunt
23 Mar 2008

Quicker than His Own Shadow

Well, old west gun fighters were known to meet premature deaths. If you were too good of a gun, though – a piece of lead might not have been the thing that proved fatal in your lungs…

Lucky Strike Luke

Inspired by a girl I see smoking outside my window every work day. She always looks like she’s freezing her skinny ass off getting her regular dose of nicotine and tar.

Did this for Unit 16’s Western Activity, but it also fits Illustration Friday’s theme for this week: "Pet peeves." How convenient! Not my pet peeve, but then again pretty much all public, indoor spaces in Finland are smoke-free these days.

22 Mar 2008

Conan vs. Demons

I barely have any time to draw these days, but here he is anyway: Everyone’s favorite barbarian – trespassing hell.

Conan vs. Demons

Traditional inks, each of the characters was drawn separately and then the final image was put together and colored in Photoshop.

13 Mar 2008

Enigmatic Driver & Forest of Horrors

Bah, I’ve been totally unmotivated to draw for the past week or so. Feels like a much longer time. Oh well, nothing to kick me out of the stupor than being forced to participate to a forum activity.

So here’s a couple for U16’s Character Tag Team activity. First one is based on Gavin Mouldey’s sketch. And the second is my sketch for the next in line.

Forest of Horrors Enigmatic Driver
3 Mar 2008

Nudists in Traditional Media

Pencil sketches! Watercolor paintings! Photoreferenced nudists! In the order they were created!

Sketches of Nudist Girls

I think I could get the hang of this watercolor stuff with some more practice. Fun, except when the results turn out bad, hahhah. Or when you’re trying to get a decent scans of them…