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22 Feb 2008

Rub me on your butt!

Support Artists

Here just something quick to support Jessica Fink with her troubles with Hot Topic ripping of her T-shirt design. It’s not even the first time the same design has been plagiarized, so I figured third time’s the charm and did a rip-off of my own.

Rub my rights on your butt

Go see the drama unfold on Jess’ blog and show support.

18 Feb 2008

Ritual of the Savage & Doodles

I was doing some digital doodling and it occurred to me I could do some fan art of Jed McGowan’s awesome “Ritual of the Savage” comic that he’s been working on lately.

Even though my pinup is pretty ironic take on Jed’s comic – which itself is quite ironic – it doesn’t appear all that ironic, which in turn is sort of ironic.

What? Oh. I’ll shut up now. First the pinup, then the doodles.

Ritual of the Savage Digital Doodles

Don’t let my sad image scare you off, go read the comic.

14 Feb 2008

Filthy Valentine’s Day and Free Cards!

Well, not entirely filthy. Just a regular “Happy Valentine’s Day!” for the most of you. Sincerely. Really.

Happy Valentine's Day!

And if you see yourself as worthy, treat yourself to the filthy valentine too.

This Valentines day card was done for the Stylus Art Collective’s “Filthy Valentines” challenge. You can find a printable PDF and emailable version of the card at Stylus blog along with the rest of the dirty, dirty Valentine’s day cards. Some of them are probably not safe for work…

Filthy Valentine's Day!

… but shouldn’t you working instead of surfing anyways.

3 Feb 2008

Avatar Chase

Here’s one quick image for Unit 16’s Avatar Throwdown activity. The idea was to produce an image based on one or more of the forum members’ avatars. Here are the avatars mine is based on:

Avatar Avatar 2

As you can tell, one of them is a little hyperactive.

Avatar Chase