17 Jan 2008 By Teemu

LSO Calendar 2008 – Part 2

Continued from Part 1. So, here are the illustrations for the latter half of the year.

July: Holiday fun for the whole family. A look of terror on daddy’s face was deemed inappropriate (I suspected it would be), but it would’ve been funnier.

LSO Calendar: July

August: Picnic lunch during the harvest.

LSO Calendar: August

September: The apples are ripe for picking. The dude’s putting the moves on the girl while the bull is putting the moves on the apples.

LSO Calendar: September

October: New feed for the piglets.

LSO Calendar: October

November: The hunting season. In the first sketch the hunter with his rifle was in the foreground while the moose was anxiously hiding behind a tree in the midground. But the nasty school shooting incident that happened here in Finland had happened just before I got started with this gig (and on my birthday of all days). So I had to pretty much redo the sketch, with the gun out of sight, the moose relaxed in the foreground and the hunter in the background (well, midground really). The first sketch sucked anyway, so I didn’t mind.

LSO Calendar: November

December: Christmas elf visiting the farm animals. Ham is the traditional Christmas dish in Finland, so this just might be the last meal for the pigs.

LSO Calendar:December

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  1. Shawn Lloyd on

    Dear Temu(?),
    I am an art student in Media Arts and Animation ; I love your illustrations, I write because I have very few people I can talk to about art. I’m not looking to get shown in your web-site or help to further my career, I do however would like to converse with you as colleagues. Please e-mail me back, even if its to tell me, to go fuck myself.
    Shawn Lloyd