14 Jan 2008 By Teemu

Intermission: Redhead with Blue Gloves

The rest of the calendar images are coming up shortly, but in the mean time here’s something else. I haven’t gotten any drawing done since the holidays – save for some doodles in my sketchbook – so I’m glad to be finally doing it again.

This is just another photo referenced speedpaint of a naked girl – a redhead this time. I painted it in ArtRage 2 and really wasn’t sure if it would amount to anything, as it was technically a venture into the unknown for me. But what do you know, I think it turned out quite swell and was a lot of fun to do.

Redhead with Blue Gloves

4 Responses

  1. joshhhhhhh on

    absolutly love this. captured a beautiful woman beautifuly. i would buy this from you.

  2. Tomas on

    This is lame! I saw this chick on some web site, totally photo copied and now someone wants to buy it?! That is very cheap!

  3. Teemu on

    Relax. It’s a quick study of a photo, done just for fun and practice – That’s what it says on the post too. I doubt the image is accurate enough to be copy, though.

    I’m not selling (nor have been selling) this or any other of these photo referenced girls, because they’re not really mine to sell. Selling images that are so clearly based on someone else’s images would be very cheap – just like you said.

  4. Maureen on

    Justine Joli! I love her!