12 Dec 2007 By Teemu

Liquor and Drugs, Death and Madness

Two new images, and I’m so tired I can hardly think. So, I’ll keep this brief: The first one is called the “Trip of No Return” and the second should be clear enough as it is.

Drugs and Madness – Death, Booze and Blues.

Trip of No Return Mourning Blues
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    5 Responses

    1. Andrew on

      I love this stuff! Great work, keep it up.

    2. Teemu on

      Thanks, man!

      Nice job with the exoskeleton dude. I enjoyed the process shots.

    3. scott on

      the tripping hepcat is awesome … great work of late teemu !

    4. Teemu on

      Thanks again, Scott

    5. George Cwirko-godycki on

      man, these and the previous are amazing