17 Oct 2007 By Teemu

Nazis, Turbomen and… Giant Boobiess!

Here we have another case of things getting out of hand. It’s comic for yet another U16 activity, "sequential exercise". The comic may not make much sense without the previous pages so you might want to check them on the forum as well.

Shit, this was a lot of work. Deciding to do a Google Sketchup 3D-model of the castle sure didn’t help either – except the actual drawing phase, of course. It would’ve been faster to just draw the castle the old way, though – but maybe someone else can use the model later on as well.

So to begin, here are some sketches I did to get to know the characters and their gear – as well as the said castle model. You can download the Sketchup file for castle here and use it as you like.

Turboman Sketches Castle Model

And the actual comic:

Turboman Comic

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  1. Andrew Glazebrook on

    Cool stuff man !!