26 Oct 2007 By Teemu

Feed Update

Update! Alright, this is basically just a test post. If you are reading this post on your feed reader, do not adjust your set – everything is working smoothly and you’ve already been redirected.

Do not adjust your sets!

All feeds should be automatically redirected to a single SmartFeed to which you can also subscribe to manually in case the redirection isn’t working:

Update: I’m in the process of working on the blog generally, so don’t be alarmed in case there’s some weirdness going on(like at this very moment, that stupid Blogger bar which doesn’t seem to want to disappear like it should). And the fucking thing lost the title of this post somewhere

4 Responses

  1. Ray Frenden on

    What’d you use to get such a redirect working?

    I might change my feed URL soon and I don’t want to lose subscribers!

  2. Teemu on

    It was pretty easy. All I had to do was to instruct Apache to redirect the feed. Here’s instructions on how to do it. Step 3 specifically. But aren’t you already using Feedburner’s SmartFeed? All you have to do is change the source of the feed from Feedburner’s settings – and it shouldn’t affect the subscribers at all.

    Good to see that the redirect is actually working, for someone else as well :)

  3. George Cwirko-Godycki on

    your recent drawings are so lovely, i really really love that pig

  4. Teemu on

    Thanks George! I like the pig too.