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26 Oct 2007

Feed Update

Update! Alright, this is basically just a test post. If you are reading this post on your feed reader, do not adjust your set – everything is working smoothly and you’ve already been redirected.

Do not adjust your sets!

All feeds should be automatically redirected to a single SmartFeed to which you can also subscribe to manually in case the redirection isn’t working:

Update: I’m in the process of working on the blog generally, so don’t be alarmed in case there’s some weirdness going on(like at this very moment, that stupid Blogger bar which doesn’t seem to want to disappear like it should). And the fucking thing lost the title of this post somewhere

24 Oct 2007

Retarded Pigs and More Women.

The title pretty much says it all there really is to say about these. These are just couple of pages from my digital sketchbook, consisting mainly of random doodles of naked women (yet again) and other human and non-human characters.

Trying out a new technique, which could be worth pursuing for some projects. These were done in Manga Studio, by the way. I guess I’ll have to see how much I can bend the program to break from the regular pencil and ink type approach.

Digital Sketches Digital Sketches
17 Oct 2007

Nazis, Turbomen and… Giant Boobiess!

Here we have another case of things getting out of hand. It’s comic for yet another U16 activity, "sequential exercise". The comic may not make much sense without the previous pages so you might want to check them on the forum as well.

Shit, this was a lot of work. Deciding to do a Google Sketchup 3D-model of the castle sure didn’t help either – except the actual drawing phase, of course. It would’ve been faster to just draw the castle the old way, though – but maybe someone else can use the model later on as well.

So to begin, here are some sketches I did to get to know the characters and their gear – as well as the said castle model. You can download the Sketchup file for castle here and use it as you like.

Turboman Sketches Castle Model

And the actual comic:

Turboman Comic
14 Oct 2007

The Later Days of Luke Skywalker

Not many people know what really happened to everyone’s favorite nondescript jedi knight, Luke Skywalker. Sure there are comics, books, toys and all kinds of stuff expanding the Star Wars universe, but hey, let’s face it – they’re just out there for the purpose of making money, not to tell the truth.

What really happened is depicted here: What should have been a triumphant march down the memory lane right back to Tatooine after the victory of "Return of the Jedi", turned into something else. Apparently Luke had some unpaid debts he’d neglected to pay.

Boba Fett was an amateur:

The Later Days of Luke Skywalker

This image was done for "Star Wars Bounty Hunters" activity at the Unit 16 forums.

13 Oct 2007

Knife Fight

Alright I think all that man meat has been the first thing people see on the blog for quite long enough.

So, here’s a bit more man meat – at least they’re wearing pants this time around. I was looking at some beautiful Jack Kirby covers, and felt like drawing some manly action. So, if you see a Kirby influence, it’s quite deliberate.

This is pretty much just a sketch with plenty of things wrong with it, but yet again it was a nice exercise of traditional inking with a brush. I’m slowly moving up to more ambitious images. Maybe next time I’ll even try to come up with a proper composition.

Knife Fight

And a completely unrelated note: All you fellow bloggers might want to look into Blogrush (it’s the gadget on the main page of this blog) to increase the traffic to your blog(s). It’s free and seems to work nicely, based on my couple of days experience.

1 Oct 2007

Sauna Quicky

And a quick, quick sketch for a forum activity. Traditional Finnish full frontal male nudity also known as sauna.

1 Oct 2007

Men’s Wear for War and Piece

Here are just a bunch of sketches I did on soviet uniforms from the WWII era. I may have done them for a reason, we’ll see. At least I got to practice using a brush again.

Soviet Uniforms

And here are some other sketches I scanned a while back, but didn’t post because I didn’t like them. Why there here now, I don’t know – they still don’t look any better.

Gentlemen sketches
More Gentlemen