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27 Sep 2007

Wear Red on Friday

Support the protesting people of Burma by wearing a red shirt on Friday 28th of September (that’s tomorrow). For more info on the situation go here.

Wear Red on Friday
20 Sep 2007

Skull Emoticons v1.1 – Now in Green too!

I was kindly asked if I could do green versions of my blue skull smileys for Unit 16 forums, so here they are. I’ve also noticed that the set was missing a few fairly basic ones so I added those too. They’re the last four of the sets.

:) :D LOL ;) :P :b :( :[ :...( :o
:O x[ :/ :| x.x 8) B) love oops grumble
whatever sexy radioactive beer

And here are the new, green ones:

:) :D LOL ;) :P :b :( :[ :...( :o
:O x[ :/ :| x.x 8) B) love oops grumble
whatever sexy radioactive beer

And, again, you can download both sets as a single zip-file. And again, of instant messengers they should work with at least MSN and Pidgin.

Download Skull Emoticons V1.1

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14 Sep 2007

Girls’ Games Suck

Seems like this is the Devil’s week. Not necessarily a good on for him but still…

These two pieces were done for yet another forum activity. The first one is my take on Scobot’s mighty fine sketch. It could either be just an allegory of life – or an epic depiction of how the rebellion of Heaven got started.

'And then these would like smooch!

And here’s my character for the next one to participate on the activity. It’s not fine or epic at all, but it’s really late and I need to wrap this up.

Head Monster
11 Sep 2007

With you always!

For the Eatpoo activity "Satan, With You Always". The theme for the activity is of course a spin on the "Jesus – With You Always" -website which depicts the said son of God watching over people in a – well – quite creepy (and unintentionally funny) way.

I figure that Satan wouldn’t bother so I went for a different approach. Instead of "Satan, with you always," I present to you: "Always with you, Satan!"

Always with you, Satan!

I say he’s still better off than Jesus, though.

8 Sep 2007

Burning Kiss

Some more inking practice. With a sloppy sketch beneath and wobbly inks on top, it’s not exactly portfolio worthy, but good exercise nevertheless. I did a bit of Photoshop touch-up before coloring the thing.

So here’s "Burning Kiss" – or "Excuse me, I think your cigarette just lit my shirt."

Kiss Sketch Burning Kiss
3 Sep 2007

Cute Blond on a Beach

Same story as with the earlier ones – it’s a photoreffed speedpaint. I didn’t do any sketching or measuring and unintentionally ended up sexing her up with considerably longer legs.

Cute Blond on a Beach