29 Aug 2007 By Teemu

Muscle Men Sketches

A good follow-up for naked girls would more naked girls, but this time you’ll have to settle for a bunch of scantily clad beefcakes instead. Originally I intended to do some loosely related tribute art for the late Jack Kirby (who would have turned 90 couple of days ago) but then just felt like generally practicing male anatomy instead.

I don’t think I’ve touched my brushes in a long while, but it was nice that I seem to have learned something since the last time. Traditional inking (black gouache really) was a lot of fun, actually. These first one’s were drawn from my head obviously.

Muscle Men

And the rest from old beefcake photos. The last sketch was done straight with the brush – there’s just something about sketching with pencil that doesn’t work for me.

Muscle Men Muscle Men

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