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29 Aug 2007

Muscle Men Sketches

A good follow-up for naked girls would more naked girls, but this time you’ll have to settle for a bunch of scantily clad beefcakes instead. Originally I intended to do some loosely related tribute art for the late Jack Kirby (who would have turned 90 couple of days ago) but then just felt like generally practicing male anatomy instead.

I don’t think I’ve touched my brushes in a long while, but it was nice that I seem to have learned something since the last time. Traditional inking (black gouache really) was a lot of fun, actually. These first one’s were drawn from my head obviously.

Muscle Men

And the rest from old beefcake photos. The last sketch was done straight with the brush – there’s just something about sketching with pencil that doesn’t work for me.

Muscle Men Muscle Men
29 Aug 2007

Girl with a Pink Necklace

Another late night speedpaint. Backs are interesting and tough to do (without photo reference, that is). There’s huge amount of variety, depending on the pose and how muscular the person is.

Girl with a Pink Necklace
27 Aug 2007

Girl by the Window

This is just a photo referenced speedpaint that I did before going to bed. For practice and pleasant dreams.

Girl by the Window
24 Aug 2007

Blue Skull Smileys – Complete Set

It was brought to my knowledge that the smileys I posted earlier didn’t work with MSN messenger. Well, that wasn’t really a surprise, since I hadn’t even thought that they could be used that way too. But it gave me a push to work on them a little more – well, actually completely redoing them.

The problem with MSN was that it uses 19 px emoticons instead of the 16 px I’d done. That fit me fine, since I’d already thought of doing bigger versions of them, to get clearer expressions. And true enough, the extra 3 pixels make a big difference and the new ones were much easier to do too.

I don’t think I’ll go into any detail about the design process – so here’s the full set of the twenty emoticons:

:) :D LOL ;) :P :b :( :[ :...( :o
:O x[ :/ :| x.x 8) B) love oops grumble

Or you can download the whole set as a single zip-file too. Have fun and use however you see fit.

Creative Commons License
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Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

21 Aug 2007

Retro Character Sketches

Nothing too special this time around, really. I just drew a few character sketches for no particular reason, going for a more or less retro feel in the designs. The dude on top right was supposed to be some kind of military officer, but when I was done I realized I’d drawn a bullfighter instead. Hahhah.

Retro Characters
13 Aug 2007

Emoticons Galore

I had a go at creating emoticons. They were kind of made for Stylus -forums, but I treated this more like a personal exercise, and the chance to try doing something unfamiliar.

I was using 16 x 16 pixels format for these – and that feels really small. The main goal I had was to keep the expressions as clear as possible – which meant keeping them really simple – while getting some unique character for them on the side. Turned out keeping them just legible is quite a task in itself. No wonder the round, basic smileys are so popular: they work really well!

First round: Pretty basic:

Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley

Second round: Skulls. Thought these were a bit unclear in parts and the white color isn’t the best one to use with these. Some other color for the skin pops out the eye and teeth whites better – thus making the expressions clearer:

Skull Smiley Skull Smiley Skull Smiley Skull Smiley Skull Smiley Skull Smiley

Third round: Simpler skulls with blue face. They’re perharps a bit too dark for this background:

Blue Skull Smiley Blue Skull Smiley Blue Skull Smiley Blue Skull Smiley Blue Skull Smiley Blue Skull Smiley Blue Skull Smiley

It’s hard stuff – more respect for the designers and pixel artists that are actually good at this stuff.