30 Jul 2007 By Teemu

Visiting Paris

Whoa, look at me go – two posts in a night! I’ve always felt that making art based on a song is kinda lame – not as bad as quoting heavy metal lyrics, but close. Of course that doesn’t stop me from doing both – although I’m usually sensible enough not to admit it. Not today, though.

So without further a due, I present to you a tender moment captured in Paris. Enjoy the song, admire the image and feel all mushy inside.

My Beloved Monster

2 Responses

  1. Owen Harris on

    It’s a funny image. I like the girl’s expression, kinda Chibi-manga.

  2. Teemu on

    Hah! Didn’t really think of manga at all, much less Chibi – but now that you mention it, her posture is indeed textbook anime schoolgirl :D
    Thanks for commenting.