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18 Jun 2007

Sketch Extravaganza 18.6.07

Here’s just some random stuff from my sketchbook. They’re all drawn with a rollerball pen – usually late at night, just before going to bed. If there’s a word to describe these, "sketchy" would probably be it.

On the second page, I have some rejected, first idea sketches for Stylus Art Forum’s calendar activity.

Sketches of Nekkid Women Stylus Calendar Sketches

And the rest are referenced from photographs from various sources – including mugshots, portrait photography and titty pictures. The devil of the first one I hallucinated during a four week cocaine binge with Johnny Depp – and the geeky looking smoker on the second was an Australian(?) tourist, who I drew from memory and did no justice at all. He had a white guy’s afro and his sweatpants were tugged into his socks.

People More People Even More People
13 Jun 2007

Study in Finnish Lapland – campaign

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This one’s a project I did for The University of Lapland’s International Office. It included a magazine ad, some editorial material, a website and a small printed brochure to lure exchange students to the three higher education institutes located in Finnish Lapland: Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lapland. For more info on the schools or the project, you can visit


The first that that had do be done was the magazine ad and the editorial material for the article. I only had a couple a days to both come up with an idea, that would be both fairly fast to execute with the materials at hand (I only had the couple of days for it) and could be expanded to cover the whole campaign.

I came up with an idea of combining monotone illustrations of student characters with actual photos of the school premises. That way the illustrations would work as a unifying graphic element – as well as making the promotional material pop from the other schools’ mostly stuffy, official and highly similar ads. All this had to be accomplished without compromising the credibility of the schools.

Here are the ad and one of the images from the magazine article (the other was just a basic photo collage without illustration).

The Magazine Ad The Magazine Illustration

The next step was to design and produce the mentioned website for the campaign, which included doing a few more illustrations for the site’s headers. To avoid using images just for their visuals I included maps of the schools’ locations in the headers.

And as the last phase, I designed the eight page brochure of the campaign. Again a few new illustrations and I modified a couple I’d already used. Here’s a couple of spreads from the brochure and an photo with an illustration:

Brochure Spreads
Photo with an Illustration

And finally, the characters compiled into a single image as well as one of the illustrations from the brochure.

All the Characters Characters from Rovaniemi

NOTE: None of the photos are mine and their rights belong to their respective owners. They are either from the archives of the schools, the media archive of the city of Rovaniemi or