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27 May 2007

Two Heads are Better than None

She once was a Nubian pirate princess, who’s ferocity was second to none. She killed men in battle, and men in bed. In fact, in the making of her doom, when she finally was caught, all the heads of all her poor, missing husbands were found – in her cabinet, reeking of blood, rot and misguided love. And as poetic justice was done, she too was sent to roam hell, lost and without her head.

They say to "kill the head and the body will die," but truly wise men know that death isn’t enough for someone who has a deal with the Devil and heads to spare.

For damned she is – but not in hell and no more without a head. Yarrr!

23 May 2007

Birthday Card for Shane

As a community activity, we’re doing custom birthday cards for seven year old Shane Bernier who’s suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has wished for people to send him cards on his birthday. He’s aiming at 350 million cards to break the record of the current holder.

This is Shane:


It’s a nice change of pace doing something for charity. Probably one the reasons I got my lazy ass to actually doing this is that just a week ago I was exposed to this, and I still feel a little affected. Fucking awful, I’m feeling bad just typing a blog entry about that stuff.

Here’s the card I came up with:

Shane of the Fast Lane

Now, Shane’s birthday is in just a few days – on 30th of May – but I’m sure he won’t mind cards arriving late. So, especially if you’re within reasonable mailing distance, drop the boy a card.

Edit: I can’t help but feel a bit like an asshole for submitting this to IF with the nature of the site being self promotion as it is. Nevertheless, it is a new piece and fits the theme ("Cars") a little too well for me to pass.

I suppose it might be a bit more exposure for Shane’s effort too.

20 May 2007

The Foot Laments

I’ve been thinking I need to draw more feet. Using your own feet for reference is a little kinky (as in "inconvenient" kinky) and I haven’t yet felt like browsing any foot fetish sites for finding reference images. So I still need to practice drawing feet because I haven’t even started yet.

But the feet issue reminded me of an old comic I did roughly two and half years ago. It was originally published in "66°:25° #5". I wrote and drew the whole thing in couple of days of miraculous creative frenzy. That happens once in a blue moon and I’ve yet to witness another such occurrence. I really should draw more comics, but I seem to be overwhelmed by the effort to write a plot that I feel is worth drawing.

The Foot Laments 1/3 The Foot Laments 2/3 The Foot Laments 3/3

The comic was sort of a poke at all the whiny, autobiographical comics with people doing nothing but smoking, lying down and being all angst-ridden in their inner monologues.

9 May 2007

Jebe the Gladiator

Another one for the Eatpoo weeklies. He’s a gladiator, and a mean one too. If he seems a little unbalanced, that’s nothing compared to his mental state. The engine doesn’t probably help either, but let’s see someone try and headbutt him.

Jebe the Glladiator