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17 Mar 2007

The Rock Number of the Beast

While I normally frown at all obnoxiously loud, aggressive and rude lowbrow music like "rock", "metal" or – heaven help me – "punk", I’ve found myself fascinated by the gentle rhythms and touching lyrics of the psycho punkabilly band Mad Sin’s latest album "Dead Moon’s Calling." So much in fact that I felt like doing some obnoxious rock ‘n’ roll art of my own.

So I came up with my own Psychobilly Guitar Slinger that plays faster than Lee Van Cleef draws his Colt – and louder than six Motörheads put together. He doesn’t need a name; he’s so cool that even hell freezes over him – and when he strikes a chord, even fucking angels fall off their clouds and in love with him.

The Rock Number of the Beast

And as a bonus image, here’s a quickie I did long ago. She’s not someone to fuck around with either.

The Babe Rocks Me
6 Mar 2007

End of Period

Here’s a couple of commissions I did for the Finnish metal workers’ union magazine "Ahjo". With the general election coming up in just couple of weeks here in Finland, the first article was about how well the current government did achieve their promises and goals. The bottom line pretty much was that while the long term employed did fine, the short term employed and the poor – like pensioners, students and unemployed – didn’t.

The client wanted something resembles old soviet propaganda posters a little with the proletariat standing side by side. This is what the final result was – with a montage type composition and all.

Wage earners did well, the poor poorly

Apparently I’m more influenced by the golden age American advertisement illustrators than socialist posters, since – while the feedback for the published illustration was otherwise positive – the client (fairly) pointed out that the guy seemingly overlooking the woman and the girl came of as a slightly sexist and aged concept. Whoops – and I had thought of the lady as some executive type the whole time I worked on the image.

So, for the illustration to the follow up article – this time about the promises of the candidates and parties – I made sure all the characters were presented equal. And what are the parties promising us? This time both long and short term employed should do better, while the poor are still left out of the agenda.

On the left are the initial idea and composition sketches for the second illustration. The right ones I sent to the client to choose from and they went for #1.

Sketches 1 Sketches 2

And here’s the final illustration. Notice that the client had changed to layout to fit a horizontal format illustration instead of the initial vertical. Luckily it was easy to tweak the composition to fit the new shape of "the canvas". The women are supposed to be "looking ahead."

Wage earners now have a lot of friends