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27 Feb 2007

Business as Usual

Another one for Eatpoo’s Weekly Activities, this time about Muppets.

I never did like the show, so I thought I’d combine two pop icons that I’d rather not ever see again.

Business as Usual

No biz like show biz, though.

25 Feb 2007

Minor Updates

I’ve done some minor tweaking to both the main website and the blog. Mostly stuff that probably no one else but me notices, but if it helps me sleep better…

The biggest change is employing javascript for viewing images on one(WHOAH!) of the illustration pages and the blog. The reason for this was that the vertical images had to be scaled to a terribly small size to get them to fit on the page. Hopefully the changes also make viewing the images on the blog more pleasant.

Please, let me know if it’s not working right or it fucks up the feeds or something.

…Oh, the image below is the bigger, clearer version of the small, vertical illustration mentioned earlier.

Disaster Strikes
20 Feb 2007


This was made for this week’s Illustration Friday – Gravity.

I’m not entirely sure if this is in fact a romantic piece, or if they’re just practicing for the annual Wife Carrying World Championships. If the latter is the case, I’m pretty sure another couple will collect the prize.

Wife carrying

In case you’re wondering – what he’s saying pretty accurately translates "I’m still up for it, my dearest sweet honey pie."

17 Feb 2007

The Sweetest Valentines

Here’s a bit of a follow up to the Valentine’s Day card. I thought it would be something nice, fun and quickly done (…like that’s ever happened with any personal pieces) but I didn’t even have the time to start working on it until after valentine’s day.

Ironically the idea was to portray a few characters that weren’t very likely to be anyone’s valentines. That way they could be sort of imaginary friends to send the card if you don’t have any real ones (or they’re all assholes).

But better late than never, eh? Show them some love!

Sweetest Valentines
14 Feb 2007

Valentine’s Day

Apparently I got swept up in a wave of sentimentality this valentine’s day. I actually whipped up a VALENTINE’S DAY CARD! When was the last time that happened? Sixth grade?

So, this is me embracing the world.

Happy Valentine's Day!

That’s it, I plead temporary insanity. Back to brooding.

4 Feb 2007


George CG came up with a great idea of drawing several fast creature sketches based on a brief description like
"4 arms, 3 eyes, insect wings, arms longer than torso, reptile tail, elephant legs, claws"

That was the description George came up with and I figured it’s good enough for me too. I took a little longer than George’s time limit of 20 minutes, but these were quick ones nevertheless. They’re called Keanu, Daisy and the last one just likes to be called "F".

Keanu Daisy Kruegture

I suspect I was receiving someone else’s acid induced flashbacks from the sixties.