30 Jan 2007 By Teemu

This isn’t mine!

Ever found clothes that you have absolutely no idea who they belong to and yet somehow are still mixed with yours? Like someone’s swapped one of your manly, perforated, black socks to a worn-out old woman’s support bra that you could store bowling balls in?

Yep, back to the public washing machine.

This isn't mine!

This one was also for Illustration Friday, this week’s theme being red.

12 Responses

  1. Elmyra Duff on

    cool! really good!

  2. Bethany Stephens on

    haha I like this one. :)

  3. Ryan Boyle on

    Wonderful composition and use of color, the guy’s facial expression is hilarious too. I can only imagine what he’s thinking…

  4. Nicole on

    Good story and drawing!

  5. Bill Z on

    funny and very well done. I love poison ivy below too

  6. Arkonbey on

    wow. What can I say but: wow. A very subtle, yet evocative work that is like a visual haiku. It tells a complte story, but the viewer has to write it. I think someone should write a short story based off of this work.

    The composition is exceptional. The contrail is a nice addition, drawing the viewer’s eye from the figure to the gray socks.

    The figure is nice in that it is both naturalistic and a characature at the same time. The colors are also nice, brining in the reds and oranges into the clothespins and the basket works very well to make the palette cohesive.

    What does all this artspeak add up to? It adds up to me hating you.*

    *self-depreciating sarcasm.

  7. Alina Chau on

    love the layout and the illo style!! beautiful and funny!! Yea, that happens to my socks often too!! LOL

  8. arvindh on

    cool one!

  9. Molly Lawless on

    hilarious – I love the perspective. And then, like, what do you do with the extra sock (or sportsbra, as the case may be…)? You feel all creepy having “stolen” it.. great work.

  10. Teemu on

    Hey, thanks for the comments, guys!
    Your feedback and kind words are very much appreciated :)

    It just occurred to me, but I suppose he could much worse off, if he happened to be one of those guys that mostly wear white tube socks.

    Pink – the color formerly known as White.

  11. rogério on

    Just to good…i love it…beautifull artwork…good title…

  12. glimbit on

    I think Pippi Longstocking is hiding nearby with one bare foot.

    Others have said it and I agree: great expression on his face and you did it in a style that requires a lot of skill. Colors are great too – (I love the colored line.) Impressive piece!