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30 Jan 2007

This isn’t mine!

Ever found clothes that you have absolutely no idea who they belong to and yet somehow are still mixed with yours? Like someone’s swapped one of your manly, perforated, black socks to a worn-out old woman’s support bra that you could store bowling balls in?

Yep, back to the public washing machine.

This isn't mine!

This one was also for Illustration Friday, this week’s theme being red.

27 Jan 2007

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Still continued on the theme of superheroes. This time it’s Poison Ivy (from Batman naturally). I whipped it together for a DC-themed weekly activity at the Eatpoo Forums.

Even though this was quite a quick piece, its nice to be posting something more finished for change.

21 Jan 2007

More and Less Super Superheroes

On Illustration Friday the theme for the week is Superheroes. Yay, what a way to get creative juices flowing! Instead of going for those age old, steroid popping Pro Wrestlers of the comic book world, I felt like creating more down-to-earth characters – Stuck ankle deep in it for some of them.

So without further a due, here’s a really motley crew of heroes of the night:
The loners, the Door Patrol, the Brotherhood of Jack, the Dynamic Duo of Prowler and Distractor and finally the lovely ladies for whom I failed to come up with a catchy group name. Watch out for foul language.

Superheroes 2 Superheroes 3 Superheroes 4Superheroes 1

And here’s a small comic about Bitterman. Kind of like "Bitterman Reborn (again)".

Bat-Man vs The Law
12 Jan 2007


Showing a never failing talent of making myself look bad I present to you: Hellmommy! Right behind you Martti!

Over at Eatpoo forums someone started a thread "What if Hellboy had a Sister…" and invited people to draw their versions of Hellboy’s (by Mike Mignola, of course) sister. Well, I figured if Hellboy had a sister, they’d also need a mom. Hence these masterpieces of comic book fan art.

Can you find all the mistakes in these sketches? I keep finding new ones every time I look at them. You know, all the best art just keeps on giving!

12 Jan 2007

Martti Mykkänen at Process Junkie

This is old news, since Alberto Ruiz already posted this stuff on his wonderful blog in last spring, but I’d say it’s pretty valid especially to all Finnish designers and illustrators.

In Alberto’s words: Born in 1926 in Finland, the godfather of constructivist graphic design.

Martti Mykkänen's work

Click the image above to view the whole blog entry with several impressive book covers and illustrations. Check out the whole blog while you’re at it, Mr Ruiz’s stylish sketches of women are well worth the look. A word of warning though, he has the RadioBlogClub player blaring away on the blog and it can be really loud if you get caught by surprise.

9 Jan 2007

Superhero Sketches

Even though superheroes have never really been my thing, I like to draw an occasional Batman or Catwoman every now and then. This time I also did a few others.

I might have been too tired by the time I got to Catwoman. I might have screwed her up.

Then again, there are probably worse things than screwing Catwoman.

Superhero Sketches