13 Nov 2006 By Teemu

The Grand Opening

Drum roll and cymbal crash!

It’s finally time to clip the red ribbon for Tempesthole.com and this blog. I was hoping to get the pages published for my birthday last week, but something always seems to come up. If it isn’t some minor thing that has to be fixed, it’s a major thing. And I happened to have my parents and granny visiting Rovaniemi (twice actually), so I had to prioritize and put Tempesthole on hold. And besides, with years in the making (and the last month actually producing the pages), a few days mean nothing.

There’s probably things that still need to be fixed or adjusted. Please, let me know if something doesn’t work. I’ll probably also be trying out some stuff that isn’t really vital, but I hope will improve the usability of the blog.

Well, I guess that’s enough of idle chatter. It’s time to get the artsy (or art-shit) ball rolling, so here are some recent characters from one of my sketchbooks.

Land Squid Carnivorous Duckling Mul-let's GO

Not much to say about the others, but I suppose the last one has just wisened up after hearing the late Wesley Willis’ advice and is off to get that crazy ass mullet off his skull. In case you’re sporting the same classic haircut, you too might want to listen "Cut the Mullet". You can also hear a rocking cover version of the song from the Internet Archive. The other stuff is great as well.

2 Responses

  1. JP on

    Hey man! Let me be the first to say EXCELLENT STUFF! I didn’t find any broken links or etc, and everything seemed to flow pretty nicely. I especially enjoyed the “At the Emotional Wasteland” series.

    You’re an inspiration, my friend.

  2. Amy on

    Love these sketches! They actually came up inside a google search for Wesley Willis… my friends keep going on about him. His sketches are unsettling.

    These however are amazing. Cheers,