23 Nov 2006 By Teemu

Johnny Depp and Me

One of the latest fads sweeping the net (at least according to the site’s sales pitch) seems to be finding out which celebrity you resemble the most at MyHeritage.com. This can be done by uploading a mugshot of yourself and seeing what the results are. What got me swept along too was reading about it on Toni’s blog. So when I got my hands on a digital camera, for taking some pictures for this site, naturally I had to try it out. And the results?

Almost like Johnny!

I know what you’re saying: A handsome devil, but Johnny Depp? Even with just a 64% resemblance?

That’s pretty much what I said as well. So naturally I had to do some more testing, and what better way to do it than with an image of Johnny himself. Well, the system worked fine enough, getting 100% matches – until I noticed that I had been using the same images that My Heritage already had in their database.

So, enter a nice Sleepy Hollow promo picture that I made sure wasn’t already in the system:

More Johnny Depp than Johnny Depp

Apparently James Spader and company look more like Johnny Depp than he does. Hell, even Dudley More scores better than him. And notice something else?

That’s right, Johnny Depp seems to resemble himself as much as I do.

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