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29 Nov 2006

Zombie Survival

I got my hands on Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide the other day and I have to say it’s quite an entertaining book. And really useful too – in case it just so happens that zombies run over the human population.

It’s good to be prepared.

Reading the book also reminded me that I had my own zombie survivor that had to be dealt with. This lovely zombie-basher needed a background and I finally got myself around for doing one. So here it is.

Zombie Survival
27 Nov 2006

Nokian Tyres Illustrations

As this project with Nokian Tyres seems to have been published, I guess I can now show the illustrations I did for it. See how much you score in the Nokia Native Test and check out the illustrations while you’re at it. I scored 12, which is kind of surprising since real men don’t even use tyres here in Lapland.

Click the squirrel to view a nice collage of all the illustrations in their original, blazing colors!

Squirrel illustration
23 Nov 2006

Johnny Depp and Me

One of the latest fads sweeping the net (at least according to the site’s sales pitch) seems to be finding out which celebrity you resemble the most at This can be done by uploading a mugshot of yourself and seeing what the results are. What got me swept along too was reading about it on Toni’s blog. So when I got my hands on a digital camera, for taking some pictures for this site, naturally I had to try it out. And the results?

Almost like Johnny!

I know what you’re saying: A handsome devil, but Johnny Depp? Even with just a 64% resemblance?

That’s pretty much what I said as well. So naturally I had to do some more testing, and what better way to do it than with an image of Johnny himself. Well, the system worked fine enough, getting 100% matches – until I noticed that I had been using the same images that My Heritage already had in their database.

So, enter a nice Sleepy Hollow promo picture that I made sure wasn’t already in the system:

More Johnny Depp than Johnny Depp

Apparently James Spader and company look more like Johnny Depp than he does. Hell, even Dudley More scores better than him. And notice something else?

That’s right, Johnny Depp seems to resemble himself as much as I do.

13 Nov 2006

The Grand Opening

Drum roll and cymbal crash!

It’s finally time to clip the red ribbon for and this blog. I was hoping to get the pages published for my birthday last week, but something always seems to come up. If it isn’t some minor thing that has to be fixed, it’s a major thing. And I happened to have my parents and granny visiting Rovaniemi (twice actually), so I had to prioritize and put Tempesthole on hold. And besides, with years in the making (and the last month actually producing the pages), a few days mean nothing.

There’s probably things that still need to be fixed or adjusted. Please, let me know if something doesn’t work. I’ll probably also be trying out some stuff that isn’t really vital, but I hope will improve the usability of the blog.

Well, I guess that’s enough of idle chatter. It’s time to get the artsy (or art-shit) ball rolling, so here are some recent characters from one of my sketchbooks.

Land Squid Carnivorous Duckling Mul-let's GO

Not much to say about the others, but I suppose the last one has just wisened up after hearing the late Wesley Willis’ advice and is off to get that crazy ass mullet off his skull. In case you’re sporting the same classic haircut, you too might want to listen "Cut the Mullet". You can also hear a rocking cover version of the song from the Internet Archive. The other stuff is great as well.